BVA Field Service Program

BVA Field Service Officers are all legally blinded veterans. They serve as role models and empower blinded veterans to find and follow the road to independence. They work as access specialists, providing inspiration, encouragement, and practical assistance with Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) claims and appeals. They also educate veterans about VA benefits and services, as well as local resources.

They also serve as a Veterans’ Care Review Team, collaborating with VA clinic staff to ensure that veterans receive the best possible service.

BVA Field Service Resource Center

Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00am through 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time

125 N. West St, 3rd Floor
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 844-250-5180 (Toll Free)
Fax: 703-566-8199

Ed Eckroth
Ext. 322

Senior Appeals Officer:
Judy Eckroth
Ext. 318

Training Specialist:
Hallie Smith
Ext. 337

Veterans Care Review Specialist:
Wade Davis

Membership Coordinator:
Cecilia Montenegro
Ext. 315

National Veterans Service Officer:

Claudia Belk
Richard Lane

National Veterans Benefits Officer:

Patrick Johnson

National Veterans Claims Representative:

Assia Khadri
James Lewiski

The Blinded Veterans Association created a Field Service Program Resource Center to be a one stop shop for services provided by BVA. The new Resource Center features a dedicated toll free number and a dedicated Fax number which any blind veteran across the nation can call and receive services from any BVA National Field Service Officer regardless of where they live. The resource center is open Monday – Friday 9:00 am through 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Volunteer National Service Offices:

Volunteer National Service Officers (VNSO’s) are BVA member or Auxiliary member of good character and reputation whom volunteer 1,000 hours annually to assist claimants in the preparation, presentation, and prosecution of claims for VA benefits. VNSO’s collaborates with the FSP Resource Center in Alexandria, VA on local claims for VA benefits.

Each VNSO successfully completed the NVLSP's Basic Training Course and is accredited through the Department of Veterans Affairs Office Of General Council.

Tucson, AZ

Area Covered: Tucson, AZ, and Arizona area

BVA Southern Arizona Blind Center
3601 South 6th Avenue, Bldg 30, Rm 321
Tucson, AZ 85723
Phone: 520-792-1450 Ext. 6672

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