David L. Schnair Volunteer Service Award

Volunteer recognition and appreciation are important elements of the BVA Volunteer Service Program. Accordingly, the BVA National Board of Directors established the David L. Schnair Volunteer Service Award. David L. Schnair was an early member of BVA and Director of District 1 for many years. Schnair was committed to serving BVA in any capacity possible and was a volunteer for the organization serving over 40 years as part of the New York regional group. He also worked as a VA accredited Volunteer National Service Officer (VNSO) managing the New York VNSO office in Manhattan. Schnair aided largely in the fruition of the BVA Field Service Program and enhanced the lives of many blinded veterans. Today we continue to honor the volunteer efforts of Mr. Schnair through the Volunteer Service Award. Winners of this award should be volunteers who have gone above and beyond for the organization and his/her regional group. Individuals should have a good understanding of the Veterans Affairs System and serve as a spokesperson for the needs of all blinded veterans.

The award may be given to any BVA member or Auxiliary member who has provided at least one year of consistent and outstanding service as a BVA volunteer.  Regional Group Presidents should submit a letter to the BVA Field Service Representative and the National Field Service Director, by letter or email, of volunteers recommended for the award.


The Schnair Award was established in the late 1990s but was not first awarded until 2001. The stipend for the latter is paid by the New York Regional Group in David Schnair's memory. The judges for the Schnair Award are the National Director of the Field Service Program, one District Director, and a Field Service Officer.

            2001 Corwin Mathews
            2002 Rochelle Gurule
            2003 Dora Gibe
            2004 Paul Kaminsky
            2005 David T. May
            2006 Frank Armstrong
            2007 Jack Shapiro
            2008 Hazel Powell
            2009 Ron Lester
            2010 Robert Keller, Sr.
            2011 Ronald Morales
            2012 Enrique Sanchez
            2013 Carl Hytinen