To our grads on behalf of Vision Research Program, DOD Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP).

DOD’s CDMRP is recruiting Consumer Reviewers (CR) for their January merit review panel. The DOD is looking for 2 or 3 Veterans who are vision impaired or blind to apply to be CRs for a January merit review panel in Reston, VA.

Candidates need to express willingness to serve ASAP and by Dec 4. They can email their interest and any questions to Amber Nalley, CDMRP Consumer Reviewer Administrator.

The CRs’ vision impairment can be service connected or non-service connected. I’ve served CDMRP panels for years focused on Orthopedics, Prosthetics & Surgical Care. It’s a very rewarding experience coupled with quite a bit of serious work.

CRs have to critique assigned medical research proposals online in advance of the January conference. Then in Reston, VA the CRs participate in person on a panel with Scientific Reviewers.

CDMRP staff are well experienced in providing ADA-type computer and software accommodations for the blind & vision impaired. The panel conferences are very guide & service dog friendly.

CDMRP covers CR travel expenses & Per Diem and provides an honoraria. Here’s a website about CDMRP’s focus on vision related medical research