BVA Bulletin

A key component of BVA’s communications and public relations efforts is the
BVA Bulletin, a printed periodical that is available in three additional formats
and also accessible online in both print and on YouTube. 

The Bulletin focuses on issues and events relating to blinded veterans and
also covers general topics about veterans and current issues affecting them.
The publication strives to keep its audience abreast of services, benefits,
and legislation. It also provides as much detail as possible on issues relating
to blind rehabilitation and the blind and visually impaired communities at

The Bulletin is one of the several ways in which the Association fulfills its
Congressional charter to motivate and inspire veterans to return to their
rightful place in society. Its circulation also provides opportunities for BVA
regional group members, Visual Impairment Service Team Coordinators and
the BVA general membership to and inform potential BVA members about
the benefits of joining the organization.

The publication is sent to libraries, resource centers, medical services
organizations, and agencies that serve the blind nationally, locally, and on
state/regional levels.

There is no charge to receive the Bulletin in print format. Increasingly
popular is the reading of the Bulletin’s online and two email versions, which
are compatible with Zoomtext and most screen readers for the blind and
visually impaired.

May – June 2020

To listen to the Bulletin, please choose your article below: May-June 2020 whole issue

01 Introduction

02 President’s Page

03 Executive Directors Message to Members

04 Legislative Update

05 Historic National Convention

06 BVA Wins VA Recognition

07 BVA / BVUK Task Force

08 Ceramic Tips

09 Hasbrook Counted Among BVA EarlyStalwarts

10 Around BVA

11 Dole Foundation Selects Caregiver

12 Operation Peer Support News

13 Auxiliary’s View

14 Headquarters Receives Carroll Correspondence

15 From the Veterans Service Staff

16 Extraordinary Feats Without Sight

17 Chaplain’s Corner

18 Interviewing:  A Healing Act

19 Of Note

20 Caregiver Corner

21 In Remembrance

22 Final Thought



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