Administrative Reminders

Thousands of American Flags in rows

Both regional groups and individuals should refer to the following timeline in preparing for the BVA 75th National Convention. Items listed include actions by the Association’s national headquarters, regional groups, and individuals.

Questions can be addressed by calling 800-669-7079. Asterisks indicate actions required by the BVA National Bylaws.

March 20* (No later than 150 days before convention): Mail call for nomination of Directors of Districts 5 and 6 to members in good standing from each of the two district (Article VI, Section 3d)

March 20*: BVA National Headquarters sends reminders to regional group presidents and secretaries that proposed bylaw amendments to be considered at the 75th National Convention must be postmarked no later than 90 days before the convention. The 90-day window before the convention this year begins May 19.