National Staff, Officers, and District Directors

BVA maintains a National Headquarters close to the Capitol to conduct the business of the organization, including Advocacy, Field Services, OPS Program Support, Membership Services, Communication and Administration. The headquarters staff includes blinded veterans and all are dedicated to ensuring that no blinded veteran is left behind.


Executive Director
Donald D. Overton, Jr.
Phone:  202-371-8880 ext. 305

Administrative Director
Brigitte Jones
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 330

Director of Public Relations
Stuart Nelson
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 316

National Service Director, Veterans Benefits and Policy
James R. Vale
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 336

Membership Coordinator
Maria Ingegneri
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 315

Public Relations Specialist
Kylie Fitzgerald
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 319

Government Relations Specialist
Erin McConnell
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 331

Development Coordinator
Andrea Malmer
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 337

National Service Officer
Loreal Hamilton
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 338

National Service Officer
Charles Reynolds
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 326

Information Technology Specialist/Webmaster
Cheryl Gajadhar

Yvonne Preston
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 324

Administrative Specialist
Laureen Bowles
Phone: 202-371-8880 ext. 301

National Officers

Dr. Thomas Zampieri – National President
Phone: (301) 204-3291
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Joseph D. McNeil, Sr. – National Vice President
Phone: (706) 570-1210
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Danny Wallace – National Secretary
Phone: (636) 266-1550
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Elizabeth Holmes – National Treasurer
Phone: (706) 615-3346
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District Directors

District 1
Consists of States: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire,
New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont
Director – Dennis O’Connell
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District 2
Consists of States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas,
Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South
Dakota, and Wisconsin
Director – Timothy Hornick
(785) 330-3503
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District 3
Consists of States: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland,
Virginia, North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands, South
Carolina, and Tennessee
Director – Monaca Gilmore
(252) 822-3486
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District 4
Consists of States: Alaska, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada,
Oregon, Utah, and Washington
Director – Jhennicea Morrow
(602) 800-4800
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District 5
Consists of States: Alabama, Emerald Coast (Lower Florida), Florida, and Georgia
Director – Darryl Goldsmith
(850) 554-7819
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District 6
Consists of States: Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana,
New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming
Director – Kevin Jackson
(512) 431-8471
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