Irving Diener Award

The Irving Diener Award is presented each year to the BVA member who has made an outstanding contribution to the growth and development of his or her regional group.  The award, established in 1962, takes its name from the late Irving Diener — a former member of the BVA National Advisory Committee who demonstra­ted a keen interest in our association over the years.

The Diener Award is awarded to the veteran who contributes in an outstanding way to the BVA as an organization rather than for personal achievement in rehabilitation and in the field of employment.

The Diener Award consists of a $50 stipend and a scroll.  The award will be presented to the recipient at our 75th National Convention at the Hyatt Regency Capital Hill, Washington, DC.

Each nomination must include detailed written justification concerning the contributions the veteran has made, and the service rendered, to his or her regional group.  Additionally, the nomination must include a biographical sketch of the blinded veteran, including data about his or her military service, education, job status, family life, community service and contributions, hobbies and pastimes.  Please ensure that the nomination is accompanied by a nomination cover letter signed by an officer of the regional group or by the individual submitting the nomination.

The information should be prepared in its FINAL FORM and submitted by the person making the nomina­tion, NOT by the person being nominated.

A person may receive the Irving Diener Award only once!  Please bear in mind that BVA employees are NOT eligible for the award.

Members of your regional group who have devoted much time and effort to the betterment of their regional groups certainly deserve to be recognized on the national level and honored at the BVA National Convention.  There is no limit to the number of nominations anyone can make.  Please send FOUR COPIES OF EACH NOMINATION ‑‑ one for each of the three judges and one for the BVA National Office files.

Your nominations for the Irving Diener Award should be forwarded to the BVA National Office (Attn: Administrative Director) to arrive NO LATER THAN FRIDAY, APRIL 17, 2020.

It is important that the deadline be met in order to provide sufficient time for the nominations to be mailed to, and considered by, the BVA Irving Diener Award panel of judges, which traditionally has consisted of the three most recent immediate past BVA National Presidents. Additionally, time must be allowed to prepare the award scroll for presentation at the 75th BVA National Convention. Accordingly, nominations arriving after the April 17 deadline will not be considered.