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In Accordance With, National BVA Bylaw, Article III, Section 6.b.  

A Member or Associate Member shall automat­ically be con­sidered a Member or Associate Member of the regional group in whose jurisdic­tion he/she resides.  Members and Associate Members residing in areas where there are no regional groups shall be Members‑­at-large and Associ­ate Members-at-large. 

While this option might not include as many networking and friendship-building opportunities, you still receive the same benefits and all questions should be directed to your Area District Director.  Below are your benefits as a BVA member: 

  • National Veteran Service Program (Claims)
  • Add your Voice 
  • Government Advocacy
  • A subscription to our monthly e-newsletter
  • A subscription to our periodically published BVA Bulletin
  • Apply for Scholarship and other BVA Affiliated Sponsored Programs as Operation Peer Support or Project Gemini.
  • Able to attend any BVA National Convention or National Activity
  • Able to send in a Proxy Vote for National Convention