Our Team

Loretta Phillips
President / Treasurer
Email: Lorettaphillips1963@gmail.com
Phone: (404) 771-6724

Charles Dowdy
First Vice President
Email: Charlie.dowdy@outlook.com
Phone: (762) 436-8856

Arline Kitchen
Second Vice President
Email: Akitchen2020@gmail.com
Phone: (706) 593-9848

William Jackson
Email: jackdemi@yahoo.com

Phone: (912) 572-6072

Johnny Busch
Email: jbtbtbs@gmail.com
Phone: (678) 371-1997

National Resources

    • Original Charter (PDF) (DOC)
    • Revised Charter (PDF) (DOC)
    • Bylaws (PDF) (DOC) (WEB)
    • Proposed Bylaws and Resolutions Memo (Coming 2024)
    • Proposed Bylaw Amendments (Coming 2024)
    • Annual Proclamation (PDF) (DOC)
    • Promotional Brochure (PDF)
    • Historical Achievements (PDF) (DOC) (WEB)
    • Historical Achievements Bulleted (PDF) (DOC)
    • 2024 Official Convention Letter (Coming 2024)
    • 2024 Convention Credentials Memo (Coming 2024)
    • 2024 Convention Credentials Form (Coming 2024)
    • 2024 Convention Proxy Form (Coming 2024)
    • How to Host a White Cane Awareness Day Celebration (PDF) (DOC)
VA Fact Sheets
  • Special Mode Transportation (PDF) (DOC)
  • Advanced Low Vision Clinic Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Blind Rehabilitation Center Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Blind Rehabilitation Service Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Intermediate Low Vision Clinic Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Visual Impairment Services Team Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Blind Rehabilitation Outpatient Specialist Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Guiding Veterans with a Visual Impairment Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Assisting Veterans with a Visual Impairment Fact Sheet (PDF)
  • Visual Impairment Services Outpatient Rehabilitation Fact Sheet (PDF)

Meeting Details

Last Saturday of Every Month
10:00am – 12:00pm ET

Call: (978) 990-5172          Meeting ID: 373404#

Regional Group Resources

  • Regional Group Bylaws (PDF)
  • Regional Group Manual (PDF) (DOC)
  • Regional Group Officer Report (PDF) (DOC)
  • Regional Group Financial Report Memo (Coming 2024)
  • Regional Group Financial Report Form (Coming 2024)
  • Regional Group IRS Form 990-N Instructions (PDF) (DOC)


Atlanta Chapter Conquers the Peachtree Road Race

On July 4, 2023, Atlanta BVA chapter members Wayne Lawson and William Jackson completed the Atlanta Journal Constitution 10K Peachtre Road Race. Accompanied by guides Doug Smith USAF (Ret), and Naeemah Lawson, Wayne’s daughter, the team of four completed the race in just under two hours. Jackson said, “There are many things blinded veterans may no longer be able to do, but we can all maximize what we can still do, and walking is something Wayne and I can still do.” They plan to make this an annual event and welcome all Georgia Regional Group BVA members, family, and friend, to join them.