"One Vision, One Team, One Fight"

Lonnie Solo in Kayak_No Werner
Lonnie Bedwell solo kayaking

When former Navy Petty Officer, now extreme sports athlete, Lonnie Bedwell had his sight suddenly taken from him he never envisioned successfully raising three daughters as a totally blind single dad nor kayaking the 226 miles of the Colorado River or climbing Mt. Everest.

“My strength and my joy come from those who haven’t yet experienced what I have but who are yearning for either the same or something like it,” Lonnie states.

The idea for Team BVA, an activity-based initiative of the Blinded Veterans Association, was inspired by the courage, determination, and passion of Lonnie Bedwell and a cadre of other blinded veterans like him who continually, and somewhat subconsciously, always put others before self.

Although the Team BVA motto—“One Vision, One Team, One Fight” has always been a personal mantra of Lonnie’s, he now puts it into practice like never before in serving his fellow blinded veterans.

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