Department of Veterans Affairs

BVA has been providing assistance to blinded veterans in all aspect of life since 1945. One of the most important areas we work in is assisting VA veterans in a wide range of veterans affairs services, such as claims for benefits, appeals, advocacy and education. While it may seem like a complicated area to navigate, the assistance from BVA is provided by Department of Veterans Affairs Office of General Council accredited Veteran Service Officers at no cost to veterans or their families.

What VA Department of Veterans Affairs Benefits Am I Eligible For?

As a blinded veteran injured in the line of duty, you are eligible for disability compensation. In addition to this, you may be eligible for Special Monthly Compensation if you require an additional person to assist you in your daily life. The benefits and pensions provided by the VA Department of Veterans Affairs can be paid to the veteran, their spouses or family members.

VA Disability Pay Rates for VA Veterans

Your rate of disability compensation depends on your disability rating and whether or not you have dependents. Disability ratings are awarded on a case by case basis, and once you have your rating, you will start receiving your benefits. These benefits can be paid as a lifetime monthly payment or a lump sum. Your disability benefit is a tax-free payment and you may be eligible to receive up to $3,625.99 per month in 2019 depending on your disability rating and family circumstances.

VA Health Care Eligibility

The VA offers health care and benefits to veterans and their families. VA priority groups are used to allocate medical benefits and resources to veterans. Priority groups are determined based on VA income thresholds, and you will be required to update the Department of Veterans Affairs each year of your income update. BVA provides assistance to veterans who wish to receive VA health care benefits.