Zoom Session Recap iDevices

iPad and iPhone Users with VoiceOver

Accessing the Main Controls within the App
To navigate the app, use your left-and-right flicks to act as your primary method to search.

TIP: At times it might be difficult to navigate on the screen – do the 2 finger scrub (with 2 fingers make the letter “Z”) this should clear up those pesty popups).

Dictate, Chat or Raising Hand during a zoom session:
Flick til you hear more (which is three periods) then double tap
Choose from your list of choices. Then Double tap.

Dictate Option

To dictate into the chat box
(NOTE: you will not be heard by other attendees, nor will you hear the current speaker while you are dictating)

Chat or Type Message Option

To type you questions during session
You will hear “Close” button, but just ignore it.
Flick right to the “Tap here to chat or type a message to reply in the text field then double tap.
Type or dictate your message.
To check your message, the text field is located just above the keyboard. The easiest way to locate it is to slowly drag your finger up from the top middle of the keyboard until you hear, “Text field, is editing,” and then your message.

Sending your chat or text message
To send the Chat message, if your VoiceOver focus is still on the text field, flick right once to the “Send to Everyone” button and double tap. If your VoiceOver focus is somewhere else, another larger “Send” button is located on the right side of the virtual keyboard. It is labeled as “Send.” Once you locate it, double tap.

Closing the chat or text message
Finally, you will need to close the Chat or text message window. To do this, either do a “2-finger scrub” gesture (2 fingers making a “Z” on the screen) or flick left until you hear close.


Raise Hand option 

During this zoom session, you will be recognized by the Host, and can address your concerns/question
(NOTE: In these zoom sessions, everyone will be muted and when recognized, the host will unmute you so you can speak).

CLOSE Zoom Session
Flick finger to the right until you hear “Leave Session or Meeting” then double tap.