Zoom Session Recap 10 August 2020

JAWS Users

Accessing the Main Controls within the Desktop Client

The TAB key will be the most useful to way to move from element-to-element
JAWS step-by-step directions on how to “Raise Hand” on Windows computers
Once you have joined the meeting, Tab until you hear, “Closed, open participants panel”.
Press Spacebar to open the participants panel

Raise Your Hand
Tab until you hear, “Raise Hand button”.
Press Spacebar to activate.
(NOTE: In these zoom sessions, everyone will be muted and when recognized, the host will unmute you so you can speak).

Chat or Dictate Option
How to “Chat” on Windows computers
Your typing cursor is placed directly in a text field for you to begin typing.
Press “Enter” when done typing to send your info into the chat to be readable/viewable by all. Your typed info will also be repeated by JAWS when you press “Enter” to send it.
* ”Alt + H” is the shortcut key to open/hide the Chat Panel. Whenever you open the Chat Panel, your typing cursor is in the text field ready to begin typing.

CLOSE Zoom Session

Tab until you hear Leave Session or Meeting.  Then press ENTER the end Zoom session.