An exciting international virtual workshop leading up to the “blindDance Film Festival” next fall kicks off this Wednesday, March 31, at 2:00pm EDT for blind and visually impaired persons interested in filmmaking.

The series, entitled “Filmmaking and Storytelling,” is hosted by Morton Bonde, legally blind Senior Art Director of the Lego Group. The overriding theme of the workshops held throughout the next eight months addresses the question, “Can you make films if you are blind?” Beginning Wednesday, the sessions will provide a gathering place for updates and live announcements for a growing group of filmmakers who are blind and supporters of the blindDance Film Festival, described as the first ever film festival by the blind and for the world. They will also connect the blind filmmaking community and provide opportunities to support and cheer on one another. Sighted filmmakers will join the workshop series as guests to lend expertise and provide bridges and avenues to the mainstream entertainment industry.

The upcoming November blindDance Film Festival, co-founded by both Bonde and Ben Fox, will originate from Baltimore and provide an additional opportunity for blind and visually impaired filmmakers to raise awareness of their strengths through storytelling as they normalize adaptive tools and everyday accommodations. Fox has created a 90-second film to apply for the Holman Prize, a $25,000 award with which he hopes to create 25 additional short films about filmmakers who are blind or visually impaired.

To register for the monthly workshops, (CLICK HERE). For more information about the blindDance Film Festival, (CLICK HERE).