A Hero of the Greatest Generation
It didn't take long for Bob to start over...
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Helping Others to Achieve
Brian felt lost, alone, and didn’t know what to do next…
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One Vision, One Team, One Fight
Lonnie's strength and joy come from those who haven’t yet experienced...
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A Shining Light of Inspiration
Paul continually guides his colleagues out of the darkness and into the light...
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Rising to the Challenge
Ken epitomizes BVA’s mission...
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Gaining New Vision
Steve found purpose and fulfillment in life again...
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Living the Army Values
Eric inspires his fellow blinded veterans...
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Never Leaving Anyone Behind
Monaca champions women veterans initiatives via her...
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Skiing Blind

Check out our latest “Skiing Blind” video!

Blinded Veterans Association Expands Criteria for Organization Membership

Any person having honorably served, or currently serving in the Armed Forces of the United States, qualifying for Department of Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Service is now eligible for membership in BVA…


Whole Health Theme for September Emphasizes Integrative Approaches

The focus of VA’s Whole Health content throughout September is both conventional and Complementary and Integrative Health (CIH) treatments—and how the two approaches converge. The tools that VA has made available can help BVA members and their families learn how CIH, along with conventional treatments, result in better outcomes for veteran health and well-being. One CIH treatment that continues to increase in popularity while also remaining somewhat controversial in some circles is acupuncture. VA’s Whole

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PACT Act Deadlines Fast Approaching

Passage and implementation of The Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act of 2022 (PACT Act) has made it possible for many veterans to enroll directly in VA health care without first applying for VA benefits. For some, however, the time to apply is running out. There are two related groups with different deadlines.  The PACT Act deadlines are as follows: First, Veterans who deployed to a combat zone,

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Air Force Veterans to Celebrate this Monday, September 18

World War II demonstrated how valuable air power was and the need to change the organization of the nation’s military forces. This resulted in the creation of a single Department of Defense with a strong Joint Chiefs of Staff with Army, Navy, and Air Force chiefs. The National Security Act, signed by President Truman on July 26, 1947, established this new defense organization and the United States Air Force as an independent service, equal to

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Remembering Today Service Members Taken Prisoner and Still Missing

National POW/MIA Recognition Day was established in 1979 through a proclamation signed by President Jimmy Carter after Congress passed a resolution making the recognition day official. The actions responded to the push for full accountability on the part of the families of the more than 2,500 Vietnam War POW/MIAs at the time. In addition to a national-level ceremony held earlier today at the Pentagon, observances of National POW/MIA Recognition Day were held across the country on

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