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How Visually Impaired Veterans Can Access a Range of Services at the VA

If you’re a visually-impaired veteran, you face unique challenges. As with other disabled veterans, though, you have at your disposal potential benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. How you qualify and the available benefits will depend on the causes of your blindness.

Blindness Due to Combat or Other Service

You may qualify for VA disability benefits, such as tax-free monthly payments, if your blindness resulted from active duty or, if the impairment pre-existed your active duty service, was aggravated or made worse by active duty. Our Veterans Affairs services will aid you in applying for these benefits. With our service officers accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs, we can also help you with appeals of any application denials.

So that we can help you, have your DD214 or any other documents that show the circumstances for your separation from active duty. The Department wants to be sure you were not dishonorably discharged, as that can cause a denial of your application. Medical evidence helps to establish your blindness, how your active duty is related to it and your disability rating. This rating, expressed as a percentage, determines the level of your benefits.

Blindness From Other Causes

Even if your visual impairment is not service-connected, you may still qualify for treatment from a VA blindness rehabilitation or other medical center or through other VA programs. Often, such non-service connected blindness results from aging or a diabetic condition that does not result from combat or other service duties.

The VA provides an evaluation of your visual impairment and services to suit your needs. These aids may take the form of audiobooks and other electronic devices that help you enjoy literature or obtain important information for which you would normally have to read. Rehabilitation services help you adjust to mobility or residential living in light of your visual impairments. With our Veterans Affairs services, you can also find grants and other aid to modify your home to improve accessibility.

Whether combat, training, peacetime duty or non-service circumstances caused your blindness, our team of accredited service officers is ready to connect you to these and other Veterans Affairs benefits.