red, white, and blue star with initials B V A

Attention BVA 77th National Convention Attendees!

We greet you from sunny and very warm Washington, DC, as we anticipate the organization’s upcoming 77th National Convention at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill.

In anticipation of the opening of this historic gathering, now just 14 days away, we call your attention to the convention schedule now posted on the BVA website here. The links to both a Word and a PDF document are located at the bottom of the page so please scroll down after reaching that page.

The schedule is useful in not only reviewing the timing of important meetings and activities but also as you arrange your personal schedule during the convention week in the Nation’s Capital.

Additionally, if you have not already emailed your travel itinerary to Meredith and Joe, this is a reminder to please do so immediately at, respectively, and The information is critical for our dedicated volunteer team, led by Margarine Beaman. The volunteers hope to assist you with baggage retrieval and ground transportation to the hotel upon your arrival at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

We look forward to seeing you in less than two weeks!