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Director of Special Initiatives Tim Hornik will return as the host and moderator this coming Wednesday, February 1, at 2:00pm Eastern Time as Vispero’s Liz Whitaker, Product Manager, Education and Research, discusses with our tech enthusiasts the key components of a website and optimizing web navigation by leveraging Fusion and JAWS. A February 2 VetTech Talk session the following day, also beginning at 2:00pm, will recap Liz’s presentation followed by an informal discussion and a question-and-answer period on the use of the iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) with specific focus on VoiceOver and its gestures. 

This past week, BVA’s VetTech team treated session participants to an informative overview of Eschenbach Optik of America’s magnifiers, lighting solutions, and additional vision aids for veterans with low vision. The overview came courtesy of Ken Bradley, President and CEO of Eschenbach since 2005. Our Thursday VetTech Talk was a lively and rather lengthy discussion of the Mac Operating System. To enter both of the upcoming sessions Wednesday and Thursday using the same Zoom meeting credentials and link, click here. For additional general information on VetTech and VetTech Talk, click here.