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OrCam is proud supporter of the BVA and sponsor of the 74th BVA National Convention

Are you struggling with vision loss or having trouble reading or recognizing your
loved ones? OrCam MyEye 2 is the answer for you.
Visit our booth at the upcoming BVA National Convention in Tulsa and stop by
one of the OrCam presentations to learn how OrCam MyEye 2 can help you.
OrCam MyEye 2 is fully funded by the VA for qualified veterans.

Visit OrCam at the Exhibit Hall at Booth #104
Receive a personalized demonstration of the OrCam MyEye 2 at the
following times:
Tuesday, Aug 12 th – 10am-6pm
Wednesday, Aug 3th – 9:30am-6pm

Come to a Presentation
Living more independently and accessing information on the go with OrCam
Date & Time: Monday, August 12 – 3:4p-4:45pm
Location: Council Oak Salon E

We will also be at the Drillers Baseball Game on Wednesday, August 14 th ,
presenting the OrCam MyEye 2.


Come by Booth #104 for more info on how to participate in the raffle.
OrCam MyEye 2
OrCam MyEye 2 is the world’s most advanced wearable assistive technology
device, with a lightweight smart camera that helps people who are blind, low
vision or have reading challenges (such as dyslexia). It is the only non-visual
wearable device that empowers self-sufficiency by instantaneously translating
visual information into voice.
 Reads printed and digital text aloud from any surface
 Recognizes faces
 Identifies products, money notes, barcodes & colors
Contact us for more information [button linked to email us]
We are looking forward to seeing you.
The OrCam Team