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Special VA Compensation Plans Can Get Extremely

Many veterans come home with war wounds that have left them with permanent disabilities, but some suffer multiple traumas that have left them with serious challenges they must grapple with for the rest of their lives.

All disabled vets are eligible for monthly compensation, but those with complicated or more than one disabling condition will almost certainly qualify for VA Special Monthly Compensation. This is a higher rate of monthly payments that the normal Veteran Administration compensation plan for wounded military personnel.

In most cases, qualifying for VA Special Monthly Compensation is automatic. That means no formal application process is necessary. Even so, many soldiers, airmen and sailors fall through the cracks so special steps need to be taken.

Experts strongly recommend hiring an attorney. That’s because, like all government and VA programs, things can get immensely complicated. For example, VA Special Monthly Compensation plans are split into numerous levels. Two examples are the Levels “L” and “O.” The former is for those with conditions that are considered “least severe” and the O Level is for “most severe.”

Another level, Level K, is for veterans who have suffered a loss of limb or loss of the use of an organ, such as kidney, spleen, joint or another body part.

There’s even a category for veterans who have been rendered unable to leave their homes. That’s Level S. Finally, Level R is for veterans who need daily personal care from another person, such as a nurse, home health aide or other assistant.

With these various levels, the VA is just getting started!

All the above can be split into various levels within levels, as in Level L 1/2 or Level M and M1/2. The VA has set exacting specification about who qualifies for what.

Thus, seeking professional help to navigate the VA system will greatly speed the process and ensure each wounded service member gets the care and compensation they have earned.