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During the past three weeks, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has published a brief two-part series updating developments relating to its TeleEye initiatives.

VA TeleEye, originally launched in 2006, has seen each emerging component program build on the success of previous iterations. Current developments focus on preventative and specialty care for veterans who may be in the earlier stages of vision loss.

Eye care is the third most utilized health care service at VA, exceeded only by primary care and mental health care. As many BVA members and their families are already aware, vision care is a critically important service since visual impairment is so closely linked to quality of life. Access to eye care services ensures regular screening and treatment for eye diseases.

TeleEye programs save both the veteran and the caregiver hours of commuting and coordination time for getting to an in-person visit.

“As people get older, they are at greater risk for potentially blinding eye diseases that they won’t even know they have,” said Ophthalmologist Dr. April Maa, National Lead for the Technology-based Eye Care Services Program (TECS). “If you are regularly screened, you’re going to be able to protect your vision and keep your eyes healthy long term.”

Click here to access Part Two of the online series, which also contains a link to Part One at the end of the article. Visit the VA Telehealth website (CLICK HERE) to learn more about patient screening at one’s home through Telehealth.

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