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Are you interested in learning more about the latest trends in Assistive Technology (AT) or do you have a question about a device you received from the Department of Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Service?

BVA is proud to again announce our VetTech program. The program offers participants the chance to learn about the latest in AT available from developers and manufacturers themselves, or from members of our own supervised team. This occurs through our VetTech Weekly Wednesday Webinars (WWW) and VetTech Talk, the latter of which is a relaxed series occurring every other Thursday featuring interviews, open forum discussions, and participant-generated content. You can learn more about these sessions and how to connect by clicking here

If you miss a VetTech program, do not worry. You can find all recordings at the VetTech Media Hub here. A BVA VetTech podcast channel is currently in development with more information to follow.

VetTech has now produced its third in a series of planned webinar training sessions. This past week’s session with Tim Gels, Director of Marketing at Eschenbach Optik of America, explained features of the company’s innovative and high-quality magnification and vision-enhancing devices for veterans with sight loss.

Next up on the VetTech schedule is a Wednesday, October 26, session dedicated in part to a discussion on features of iOS 16 and their usefulness to the BVA community. The other portion of the training session will cover useful aspects of the VA Health and Benefits mobile application.

Click here for additional details on the BVA blog about next Wednesday’s session, open to all, and how to join the meeting. The details include a Zoom link to enter the meeting using desktop computers, laptops, or smart devices. The same link will allow entry into Thursdays’ VetTech Talk.