As the summer winds down, medical professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about
the onset of the flu season as COVID-19 diagnoses and complications persist.

Although the science as to how the two viruses may co-exist is still not established with any
reasonable certainty, significant COVID-19 interventions such as hand washing, masks, and
distancing are believed to be just as valid for influenza as they are for COVID-19.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is launching an aggressive influenza vaccination campaign as an
additional intervention amid the unprecedented challenges of increased virtual health care,
social distancing, and supply issues of the vaccine due to possible increased demand despite
last year’s vaccine surplus.

BVA supports VA’s efforts to protect vulnerable veterans at risk for severe illness and to reduce
surges that could threaten the health care infrastructure.

Locate additional information and links to flu medical information and prevention tips,
educational resources, and flu vaccination details find a current in-network vaccination location
near you. Thousands of new sites are available this year. A government-issued ID is all that is
necessary to receive a no-cost flu shot at one of these locations.