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Thanksgiving Greetings, Blinded Veterans Association Members and Friends!

Like many of you, I have often felt overwhelmed by the challenges and hardships that have confronted us the past two years during this unprecedented worldwide pandemic. As a way of lifting that burden somewhat, I find myself reflecting on the things in life for which I personally feel profound gratitude, especially as we approach the holiday season and this week as we gather around our tables to enjoy what I hope will be a wonderful Thanksgiving meal for all of us.

Thanksgiving is an invitation to rededicate ourselves in our own individual, unique ways to strengthen our families and to make a difference to the most vulnerable in our communities where we have the greatest access and influence. I hope all of us can make use of opportunities to do just that.

One of my opportunities has resulted from the great honor of serving our nation’s blinded veterans—those who have selflessly sacrificed so much in protecting our country and the American way of life—as BVA’s recently elected National President. I am equally privileged to work with a dedicated board of directors, committee volunteers, caregivers, and most especially supporters like you.

While there have been major accomplishments and great strides throughout BVA’s nearly 77 years of service, our work is not yet finished. There is still a vast road ahead of us to enhance the quality of life of our veterans who have, due to one of any number of factors, become legally blind. Working together and knowing what has been achieved in the past, we know that there are no limits to what we can do.

As we come to the end of the 2021 giving year and on behalf of our entire Board of Directors, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. Without your trust in us, this vital assistance to blinded veterans would not exist and there would be no BVA. We hope to have that continued support in 2022.

Next week marks a unique time of year when people around the world unite to support the causes closest to their hearts. Your tax-deductible gift to BVA on #GivingTuesday, this year falling on November 30, brings hope to blinded veterans that their sacrifices have not been in vain. Providing that hope is a blessing to the giver but also to the receiver, in this case serving as a light to our brave military veterans who are experiencing the darkness of sight loss.

You need not wait until #GivingTuesday to support our mission. Please consider a small gift of $10, $20, $30, or more today. (CLICK HERE) to make a donation now. Also, if you know a blinded veteran, please tell them about BVA so we can offer our services. You can call our headquarters office at 1-800-669-7079 and we will take it from there.

Thank you again for your past generosity in supporting the most vulnerable among our proud and self-reliant veterans. For them, the hope you give them is a brightness they can see for years to come.

With gratitude,
Joseph D. McNeil, Sr.
National President