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Giovinazzo Honored as WVG Member of Month for July

BVA life member Sharon Giovinazzo served in the United States Army as a combat medic. She has said that it took losing her sight to gain a vision of what the next chapter of her life would be. Today she is President and CEO of World Services for the Blind in Little Rock, Arkansas, and is July’s Women’s Veteran Group Member of the Month.

Women's Veteran Group
July 2020 Member of the Month
Sharon Giovinazzo, U.S. Army Veteran
Captain Spivey Razorback Regional Group

Sharon Giovinazzo is a life-member of the Blinded Veterans Association and an active member of the Captain Buddy Spivey Razorback Regional Group of the BVA in Arkansas. She is the Chief Executive Officer of World Services for the Blind in Little Rock, Arkansas. She travels all around the world with her guide dog Pilot raising funds for the community she serves. Sharon is an active member and participant in the Central Arkansas Team River Runner kayak group, where blinded veterans are encouraged to participate in therapeutic and adaptive sports. As a motivational speaker, Sharon has been a guest speaker at our National Blinded Veterans Association Convention in Reno, Nevada. During our current pandemic, Sharon continues her services for the blind community by keeping the doors to World Services for Blind open as an essential center for those in need. Congratulations Ms. Giovinazzo!