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This year has been hard on all of us, but together we are getting through it. While you’re shopping for your holiday gifts this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, give the gift of hope to blinded veterans.

By supporting BVA, you’re supporting veterans like Monaca Gilmore. Monaca sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from an improvised explosive device that detonated near her convoy. The aftereffects of the TBI resulted in the loss of her eyesight. Two people from BVA connected Monaca with a BVA initiative known as Operation Peer Support and aided her in learning how to live without her vision.

“The ways in which those two impacted my life can’t be overstated,” she said. “Along with my faith, my mental health, and the VA blind rehabilitation programs, they let me know that I could make it as a blind single mother and that I could do many of the things that I loved doing before I lost my vision.”

Monaca now returns the favor by supporting her fellow blinded veterans – especially women veterans. Through BVA, she offers them opportunities to support one another and participate in adaptive activities.

Mark your calendars to help BVA give blinded veterans light in the darkness and hope that life is worth living. For some, the hope you give them is the only brightness for years to come.

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With gratitude,

Donald D. Overton, Jr.
Executive Director