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Don’t forget next week’s meeting of the BVA Dog Handlers Committee! The 4:00pm Eastern Time session via Zoom on Tuesday, March 21, is open to all veterans with sight loss who are interested in topics and issues related to guide dogs. The Committee meetings are regularly scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month in the same time slot and generally last approximately 90 minutes.

Veterans who do not currently have a working guide dog are still welcome to attend and participate in the upcoming meeting. The discussion is not limited to a specific group of dog handlers already established nor is attendance at previous meetings a requirement to attend on Tuesday.

Committee Chair Michaun Harrison has announced two visitors to the March meeting who will share their personal experiences as puppy raisers. Irene Esch has been a puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s VetDogs for 19 years. She has raised 12 dogs, including one currently. One of her former dogs is Paul Mimms’ guide dog Brook-Lyn, now retired and living with Irene in Lovettsville, Virginia. Michelle Woody worked for the Washington State Guide Dogs for the Blind for approximately six years. She raised two puppies and later became a puppy sitter. Michelle was forced to stop raising puppies due to her own sight loss.

For more information about the Dog Handlers Committee, click here. For access to a link to enter the Tuesday Zoom meeting, click here.

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