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Navigating the Process of Applying For, Appealing, and Winning Benefits

When you were in the military, you paid into its disability benefits program. You may have never thought you would need to make use of these funds. Still, you might have felt better knowing they were there if, or when you needed them. As much as you might need them now, you may be finding it challenging to apply for and receive funds that you paid into when you were an active duty member. You could navigate the Veterans Affairs Services process easier by hiring a skilled attorney to work your case.

Knowing How to Apply

When you want to apply for Veterans Affairs Services, it can be more complex than simply putting in a paper application and awaiting a reply. In fact, the process may require you to submit the application along with dozens of different types of proof of your disability. Even if you are an informed person, you may not know what the process is asking for or how to submit it to the right department. When you have a lawyer representing you, you can hand off the application process to your legal team and know that the right paperwork is being filled out and sent in on your behalf.

Appealing Your Decision

Even with a lawyer representing you, you stand a good chance of being turned down for benefits the first time you apply. Most applicants are denied the first time in court. The judge must determine what applicants are lying and what ones really need the help. You always have the option of appealing your decision, however, which is why you may want an attorney on retainer. Your lawyer can immediately file an appeal and get another court date. You prove the court you need the benefits that you paid into while you were in the military.