The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has set up a special
national online tool called “Keep Me Informed” to inform
veterans about what they can expect over the next several
months regarding the COVID vaccines and the phases in which
they can be administered to veterans.
Please feel free to sign up for this tool, which asks veterans to
input their demographic information and indicate whether they
are interested in receiving the vaccine. Individual veteran
information from the “Keep Me Informed” tool will be provided
to the local VA so that clinicians can reach out and schedule
interested veterans to be vaccinated. The tool can be accessed
If you have specific questions about your medical condition and
whether you should obtain the vaccine, please reach out to your
primary care provider to discuss your individual circumstances.
Please know that VA is working to vaccinate the high-risk
veterans and will be reaching out to eligible veterans to schedule
them for a vaccine appointment as soon as possible.