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BVA Happenings last week announced the appointment of Kennith Harvey of the Mid-Atlantic Regional Group as BVA’s newly named National Chaplain. Before Chaplain Harvey found even a few free moments to get his feet a little damp in his new position, Mother’s Day came and left in a whirlwind. He has asked to share a message about mothers following that special day, considering the reality that gratitude for and tributes to mothers should have no limits or time constraints.

Mother’s Day: A Walk in Their Honor

  • The very essence of motherhood is the reason we must walk in honor of our mothers! Our Eternal Father promised all mothers strength through faith and one’s eternal spirit.
  • Embrace motherhood no matter the challenge! It is a walk …most of the time one that is lonely.
  • Motherhood is a journey through the impossible, the unknown, presenting to her the trappings of sorrow with moments of celebration.
  • Agape love for all mothers achieves renewed strength. This love is given through all storms!
  • Our Father’s gift is His promise to walk in their honor! You will honor your mothers no matter the strain!
  • A spiritual walk—a walk in their honor to relieve the grief knocking at all doors! Stop at this very moment, write a note to her, call her, and, most of all, love her!

A Mother’s presence is never-ending, even long after she is called home. Mother’s Day signifies our walk alongside His divine presence and in honor of our mothers.