BVA Executive Director Donald D. Overton, Jr., recently appointed as a Scholar to the prestigious Policy Vets, appears on a podcast that became available today on the Policy Vets website and can also be found on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, and several other popular platforms.

Part 1 of the podcast series, entitled “How Service Animal Regulation Affects Veterans,” will be followed by a Part 2 airing next Friday, June 25.

Policy Vets is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing, gathering, researching, and compiling data that can be used to support policy to further improve the lives of veterans. Its Executive Chairman is The Honorable David Shulkin, MD, former Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

The organization brings together subject matter experts, professionals with experience in government, those working with veterans, and veterans themselves to explore areas where policy can better serve as a resource to government, Veterans Service Organizations, community groups, and other stakeholders seeking to improve the health and wellness of those who have served our country.

To access the podcast featuring Don Overton, (CLICK HERE).