National Committees


  • ¬†Committees shall provide minutes and schedule of meetings to National President and Vice-President.
  • Committee Vice-Chair has authority to schedule meetings should Chair fail to do so at least quarterly.
Executive Committee

Paul L. Mimms, President, Chair
Wade Davis, Vice-President, Vice-Chair

Membership Committee

Douglas Ingram, Chair
Tracy Ferro, Vice-Chair

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Bylaws Committee

Stephen Butler, Chair

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Finance Committee

Joseph Bogart, Chair
Tracy Ferro, Scribe

*Finance Committee Constitutes Investment Fund Board of Trustees, Life Membership Fund Board of Trustees, and Audit Committee.

Scholarships / Awards Committee

Wade Davis, Chair
John O’Connell, Vice-Chair

Team BVA Committee

Wade Davis, Chair
TBD, Vice-Chair

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Women Veterans Outreach

Yoneka Trent, Chair

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Dog Handlers Outreach

Michaun Harrison, Chair

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Adapted Sports and Recreation Outreach

Anthony Woodson, Chair

Convention Committee

TBD, Chair
TBD, Vice-Chair

Committee Volunteer Reporting Form

Committee Volunteer Reporting Form (WEB)