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Blinded veterans, their families, and other caregivers often encounter obstacles and challenges as they explore, apply for, manage, and track their benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Opportunities are now available to openly share those challenges with VA through an initiative known as the Veterans User Experience Research Studies. The Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) encourages your participation.

Teams at VA are attempting most particularly to recruit veterans who use assistive technology and/or who speak Spanish. They seek feedback from the two groups about improvements they are making to VA websites, mobile applications, and other digital tools.

The goal is to ensure that such services are user friendly and relevant for all veterans and, in this case, blinded and visually impaired veterans.

Most of the studies are conducted online and require only a computer connected to the internet. Some may involve face-to-face contact through a computer screen while others may require a smartphone. The sessions typically last one hour or less and are scheduled during business hours in the Eastern time zone. Some studies may require veterans with specific characteristics.

The first step is to register using a five-minute sign-up process that asks for information determining eligibility for specific studies. Once registered, the second step is for respondents to receive an invitation via email asking them to participate in the study that matches their characteristics. All who complete a session will receive a generous thank-you gift for their time.

For additional information and to register for the studies, visit (CLICK HERE). The link also includes contact information at the bottom of the final webpage on the site for the two offices at VA supported by the research. Prospective participants are welcome to contact either office with questions.