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Did you know you can help the VA improve the accessibility and usability of and apps like VA Health and Benefits? Listen along as Brian Moon discusses the VA’s Veteran Usability Study managed by Perigean Technology.

The Veteran Usability Study enables Veterans, caregivers, and others the opportunity to demonstrate how they interact with VA websites and apps to VA researchers and developers. Participants may receive a stipend ranging from $10 to $75 per study.

In a recent report from the VA, over 30% of Veteran Usability Study participants used a screen reader, magnifier, or other screen enhancements. While this begins to pave the way for a more accessible and usable set of tools to connect Veterans to the VA, only you can share your particular experiences and barriers while using your own assistive, adaptive, and accessible technologies. For more information about the Veteran Usability Study and how to join, visit

All VetTech sessions are open to everyone, blind and low vision veterans, family members, caregivers, blind rehabilitation specialists and all other parties interested in the assistive, adaptive, and accessible technologies that can empower our independence. You can learn more about BVA’s VetTech program and learn how to support America’s blind and low vision Veterans by visiting us at

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