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BVA National President Joseph D. McNeil, Sr. will orally present BVA’s current legislative priorities at a joint session of the U.S. House and Senate Committees on Veterans Affairs. The hearing, which will also include presentations by a handful of other Veterans Service Organizations, is scheduled for 10:00am on Thursday, March 8, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. 

Members of the BVA Board of Directors will also visit Congressional offices in the days leading up to the testimony. A special event is in the works for the evening of Tuesday, March 7, for BVA members who can attend the hearing in person the following day.

As is customary, a written version of the presentation will be submitted to Congress in advance and made accessible online by both the Committees and BVA. To become familiar with previous written testimony documents, visit BVA’s Government Relations page here. BVA members interested in attending the testimony in person this year, please send an email to