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Convincing Arguments for Hiring a Lawyer to Pursue Military and VA Benefits

The old adage of the military taking care of its own rings true for many circumstances. However, winning benefits that you are rightfully entitled to as an active military member or veteran can be more challenging than you think.

The division of the military that oversees the disbursement of aid, like services for the blind, tightly regulates the money that is put into these programs. You can convince it to award you benefits that you paid into during your time in the service by hiring an experienced VA benefits attorney today.

Proving Your Need

When you apply for services for the blind, you have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you have a genuine need for them. The judge assigned to your case will want to know if you are partially or fully blind. If you are partially blind, you have to prove that you cannot function normally in society because of your disability.

An attorney can make a solid argument for you in your hearing or trial. He or she can present evidence that substantiates your disability and limitation in everyday life. With your lawyer’s arguments, the court could have a difficult time turning down your claim.

Making an Appeal

Military judges who oversee disability claims have a sworn duty to protect the money that funds disability programs. They cannot simply award benefits for first-time applicants barring solid evidence that the applicant is significantly impaired.

When you have to file an appeal, you need a lawyer to get a court date and take the case to court. Your lawyer could present even better evidence like medical reports, testimony from doctors and nurses, and other documents that show that you cannot return to active duty or civilian life because of your vision loss. Pursuing military benefits can be challenging. You could better your chances by hiring a skilled VA attorney.