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Filing for and Pursuing Benefits You Paid Into While Serving

When you enlisted in the military, you may never have anticipated suffering a debilitating injury or illness. During your time in the service, however, you may have been exposed to conditions that robbed you of your sight. You may now be discharged with no way to support yourself and your family. Rather than live on limited disability Social Security benefits, you may want to pursue the military benefits that you paid into all those years you were on active duty. You can pursue those entitlements after discovering your veterans’ benefits eligibility with the help of a skilled benefits lawyer.

Clarifying Your Eligibility

The veterans’ benefits eligibility criteria are very specific and may not apply to every person who applies for these funds. Being eligible for benefits through this program requires applicants to have served for at least a year if not longer. They also need to be in good standing with the military and have an honorable discharge on their DD-214 form. If you served for less than a year or you received a general or dishonorable discharge, you will not be allowed to apply for and receive these benefits. They are reserved for military members who dedicated a good portion of their lives to the military and remain in good standing with their branches.

Applying for Benefits

If you meet the criteria for receiving the benefits, your next step may involve applying for them. Your lawyer can help shorten the application process by filling out the paperwork and submitting it to the court. He or she can also represent you before the judge to argue your case. Once you are approved for benefits, you may receive a back settlement if applicable. You also will continue to receive monthly payments if you meet the criteria for the benefits program.