VA Adds New Capabilities to Website Honoring Deceased Veterans

Ahead of Memorial Day 2021, the National Cemetery Administration (NCA) of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has upgraded the features of the Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM) website. Aside from a fresh look, better usability, and more ways to submit content, VLM visitors may now upload photos, biographical summaries of a veteran’s life, and historical documents such as award citations, letters, and newspaper clippings. The Veterans Legacy Memorial website is the nation’s first digital platform […]

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A Memorial Day Message from BVA Executive Director Donald D. Overton, Jr.

The Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery is nearing its 100th birthday. On March 4, 1921, the U.S. Congress approved the burial of an unidentified service member in the plaza of what was, at the time, the newly constructed Memorial Amphitheater on those hallowed grounds. The unknown soldier brought back from France was interred below a three-level marble tomb eight months later. The site is located just minutes from our Blinded Veterans Association […]

California BVA Leader to Address Live Audience May 18

Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) Southern California Regional Group President Ken Asam will address a virtual Facebook Live audience on Tuesday, May 18. The presentation,  entitled “How OrCam Improved My Quality of Life,” will include highlights of Ken’s military journey, his experiences with vision loss, and how he has utilized the OrCam technology in daily living activities to remain independent, self-reliant, and resilent as he pursues his personal goals. The session will also provide information on […]

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Florida Vision Technology Webinar to Spotlight Envision Glasses

Florida Vision Technology Founder & CEO Lesa Berg Kretschmer and Speech and Braille Training Manager Jose Cintron will present a webinar via the Zoom platform for blinded veterans, their families, and interested parties from the Department of Veterans Affairs Blind Rehabilitation Service this Wednesday, May 12, at 3:00pm Eastern Time. The webinar will focus on Envision Glasses as a means for the blind and visually impaired to “hear what they wish to see.” The glasses […]

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Joe McNeil Encourages Fellow Veterans to Get Vaccinated in Recently Released PSA

Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) National Vice President Joe McNeil of Columbus, Georgia is one of nine Veterans Service Organization (VSO) representatives featured in a 4-minute bipartisan Public Service Announcement produced by the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs. The video, released earlier today, urges veterans to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine through their local VA facility as soon as it is available to them. Joe is the first veteran to appear and speak in the production, revealing […]