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Join us this Wednesday, April 5, at 2:00pm Eastern Time as the VetTech team welcomes OrCam’s Joshua Rivera and Corinne Nero to its Weekly Wednesday Webinar. Joshua and Corinne will focus on the company’s dynamic customer support team, which seeks to help veterans take advantage of the award-winning Artificial Intelligence capabilities offered by the OrCam Read and the OrCam MyEye Pro. 

Do not miss this VetTech session! Participants will learn:                                                                       

  • Contact information for OrCam’s customer support team.
  • Common troubleshooting techniques for the OrCam Read and MyEye Pro.
  • Online locations of OrCam’s detailed user guides and training materials.

Want to learn more about the practical uses of your iPhone and/or iPad? On Thursday, April 6, VetTech Talk will explore your favorite iOS apps and how they can be effectively and productively utilized by veterans with sight loss in performing important daily tasks. Apps like Seeing AI, Be My Eyes, AIRA, En-Vision, and Good Maps are designed with the explicit purpose of helping veterans increase and enhance their independence. Please attend and share your favorite solutions! The session will also review the previous day’s OrCam webinar and address follow-up questions. VetTech Talk occurs every Thursday at the same 2:00pm starting time using the identical Zoom link.

This past week, BVA’s VetTech team featured an overview of En-Vision America’s ScriptAbility solutions that make medication labels accessible to blind and low vision veterans. Jenna Reed, Director of Marketing, provided an overview of ScriptAbility options and ScripTalk’s scanner and mobile application.

All VetTech webinars and talk sessions are open to everyone—blind and low vision veterans, family members, caregivers, blind rehabilitation specialists, and all other parties interested in assistive, adaptive, and accessible technology that can empower independence.

Can’t make it to a live session? No problem! VetTech is now available as a podcast on major platforms. Interested parties can listen on demand to missed Weekly Wednesday Webinars as well as original content published solely on the podcast by asking their smart speaker, Siri or Alexa, to “play the latest episode of the Blinded Veterans Association VetTech podcast.” They can also follow the channel currently through Apple Podcast, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

To enter both of the upcoming Wednesday and Thursday sessions using the same Zoom meeting credentials and link, click here. For additional general information on VetTech and VetTech Talk, click here.