Become a BVA Visionary (Monthly Giving)

BVA Visionaries are a special team of loyal and dedicated supporters who make recurring monthly donations to help the organization carry out its mission in support of America’s blinded and low vision military veterans. Your thoughtfulness in lending this support makes possible the committed and ongoing services our veterans provide to one another free of charge as they remain true to the recently adopted motto “One Vision, One Team, One Fight.”

Your Monthly Gift of: Allows a Blind Veteran to receive free:
$5 / month = $60 / year
Local Transportation Assistance
$10 / month = $120 / year
Claims Assistance
$15 / month = $180 / year
Assistive Technology Training
$25 / month = $300 / year
Ambassador Volunteer Opportunities
$50 / month = $600 / year
Adaptive Sports Opportunities
$100 / month = $1,200 / year
Annual Convention Attendance

Your first donation will be processed when we receive your instructions; subsequent monthly gifts will be processed on the same date every month, or the next business day if the date falls on a holiday or weekend. You can stop your recurring monthly donations at any time simply by letting BVA know your wishes. For questions or help setting up your recurring monthly gift, please email or call 800-669-7079 and select prompt 4.