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BVA’s VetTech team treated attendees this past week to a session dedicated to the techniques of web navigation through place markers. The focus of VetTech this coming Wednesday, January 18, at 2:00pm Eastern Time will be three-fold: the Envision Smart AI glasses, the HableOne Controller, and the video magnifiers on which the company trains veterans with sight loss. The HableOne, introduced just six months ago, is a remote-control device currently revolutionizing smartphone and tablet usage for the blind and low vision community throughout the United States. Providing the overview will be Lesa Kretschmer, Founder and CEO of Florida Vision Technology, and Jose Cintron, the company’s Assistive Technology Specialist. The two will also direct a question-and-answer period following the presentation. To enter the Wednesday Zoom session, click here. For additional general information on VetTech, including the now weekly (resulting from popular demand) VetTech Talk session each Thursday, click here.