red, white, and blue star with initials B V A

WebAudio.Com is looking for iPhone beta testers within the Blinded Veterans Association (BVA) community to try out a groundbreaking audio news mobile application designed specifically for the blind, visually impaired, and persons with low vision.

The audio news app is fully customizable using 11 main categories and a hundred unique topics. The app was recently tested by the American Foundation for the Blind and was found to be 100 percent accessible with VoiceOver. Easy to use and set up, VoiceOver skills and knowledge are not required to voluntarily test the innovation, nor is there a time commitment beyond a few minutes.

The WebAudio app will provide hours of daily audio news content, short musical interludes, and audio-based comedy all with a single click of a button. The user’s audio playlist will populate with audio news files of their choosing without searching story after story. Simple click and listen!

Blinded veterans and their family members interested in participating in the upcoming second beta test for the audio news app should reach out to founder Jean-Paul dela Houssaye at, or at (813) 765-4310.