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From October 2 until election day November 3, Aira is donating 120 minutes per U.S.-based Explorer for access calls relating to voter registration, preparing to vote, and the act of voting itself.

Blinded veterans currently using Aira services as Explorers can utilize this promotion as follows:

Preparing To Vote:
• Researching 2020 candidates, propositions, and ballot initiatives
• Registering to vote
• Reviewing sample ballots

• Navigation to and through physical polling locations
• Coordinating transportation to a polling place
• Ensuring safe social distancing while waiting in line at polling stations
• Filling out ballot at the physical polling location (if the poll location permits phones in the voting booths)
• Reading mail-in ballot instructions

• After voting, post your selfies just for fun!

The promotion does not cover the following tasks:
• Researching an issue that is not on the 2020 ballot
• Scrolling through social media to read friends’ political posts
• Posting on personal social media pages regarding political beliefs and feelings
• Donating to campaigns, Political Action Committees, or organizations that promote/endorse candidates or issues
• Election canvassing