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Challenges Veterans Face When Leaving the Military

The Veterans Administration is here to help people transition to life after the military. However, many veterans still find it difficult to adjust. There are many challenges that veterans face after they leave the military.


Many veterans struggle to find work after they return home. People often join the military right out of high school. That is why they may not have the education that is necessary for many jobs. Fortunately, the Veterans Administration can help people who are struggling to find employment.

Relationship with Themselves

Veterans do a noble thing by serving their country. However, many of them struggle with a sense of purpose and identity. They may have self-esteem issues because they no longer have the noted title that they used to have.


It is estimated that 30 percent of homeless people are veterans. The reason that so many veterans are at risk for homelessness is that many of them suffer from drug addiction and mental illness. Other veterans are unable to make enough money to pay for their housing.

Physical Handicaps

Many veterans sustain injuries while they are in combat. Amputation, scars and disfigurement are some of the physical injuries that people may get while they are in combat. These physical handicaps can make it even more difficult to get a job. They can also cause self-esteem issues.

Poor Mental Health

Depression and suicide rates are higher among people who have served in the military. The reason people do not get the help that they need is that there is a social stigma attached to it. The cost can also be a barrier that stops people from getting mental health treatment.

If you are in need of services for veterans, then you can contact the Veterans Association for more information.