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Join BVA’s VetTech team on Wednesday, January 24, 2024, at 2:00pm, as we welcome Michelle Mendez, National Sales Director for OrCam. Michelle will present the company’s newest feature, “What’s in Front of Me” during the Weekly Wednesday Webinar. The feature has been designed for the OrCam MyEye Pro, which enables individuals to recognize objects and subsequently ask OrCam for additional information about the objects. 

“What’s in Front of Me” requires that the MyEye Pro be connected to the internet to receive the update and use the feature. To assist with this process, Michelle will be accompanied by representatives to demonstrate how to make the internet connection and provide one-on-one assistance to those encountering barriers.

Join VetTech Talk the next day, Thursday, January 25, to explore MacOS as a blind or low vision user. The session will offer a great way to learn how others use their MacBook and iMacs. VetTech Talk is another means for helping fellow veterans overcome obstacles in and around technology and technical support. 

To enter either or both of the respective VetTech sessions on January 24 and 25 using the longstanding Zoom meeting credentials and link, click here. For additional information about the VetTech initiative and its unique mission to enhance the quality of life of the blind and low vision, click here.