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Blinded Veterans Need Your Support Now More Than Ever

This year on Veterans Day, retired Air Force Colonel Brian O’Connell will proudly display an American Flag from his front porch. After the flag is raised, he will salute, just as he’s done for many years – however, he can barely see it. After losing his sight, Brian felt lost and alone; he thought he would never do the activities he loved again. Then he connected with BVA. He found “this connection and this camaraderie” and didn’t feel so alone. Team BVA showed Brian that he could ski again, something he never expected to do. Now, Brian is serving other blinded veterans as BVA’s National Sergeant-At-Arms, he participates in and helps other BVA members discover new and old hobbies with Team BVA, and he plays music with a local band.

With Veterans Day fast approaching, please consider a donation to BVA in honor of veterans like Brian O’Connell who have given so much to our country, only to experience a devastating loss of sight. The hope you offer is that many more like Brian may re-discover new potential in themselves. Your financial support for BVA will help us continue serving veterans with vision loss, from all generations, who have sacrificed so much.

Brian O’Connell Overcoming Adversity

Learn more about Brian’s newfound confidence and sense of purpose.


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