“Failure is not being knocked down. Failure is staying down.”

At just 20 years old Matthew Bradford was fighting for his life, battling depression and guilt after sustaining life-threatening injuries in Iraq. On January 18, 2007, Matthew was on patrol with his unit in Haditha, Iraq, when a bomb planted by an insurgent exploded inside a culvert directly underneath his feet causing immediate blindness, the loss of both of his legs, and other life-threatening injuries. Today, Matthew’s mission in life is to inspire people with his courage and determination. BVA allows Matthew the opportunity to inspire fellow blinded veterans – showing them that there is light in the darkness.

As a proud BVA member, Matthew Bradford is a shining example of the new lease on life that you help blinded veterans discover through your generous support of BVA and its programs. On March 28 join us as we mark the nationwide observance of Blinded Veterans Day and the 79th anniversary of BVA’s founding in 1945.

Learn how Matthew started on his road to recovery.


“Failure is not being knocked down. Failure is staying down.”
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